150 routes regularly renew

Our area dedicated to the practice of sport climbing includes the following special features:

10 self belayers
This controlled descent system is the ideal tool to begin and feel the first sensations of verticality in complete safety. The routes are equipped for all levels and allow you to practice on your own at any time of the day.

Beginners’ areas
Two areas is equipped with fixed ropes for top-roping. This is the first essential step to start climbing with rope. A training course for a good start is highly recommended.

15 meters of wall height

Lead climbing areas
A large part of the hall is designed for lead climbing. All difficulties are represented (from 4 to 8) and in different aspects: slabs, vertical walls, overhangs and overheads. We recommend that you take a course to begin lead climbing.

Freeform Zone
We have created two cracks inspired by Indian Creek that will allow you to discover and practice this particular type of climbing.

500 m2 of boulder area

Bouldering is performed on walls with a maximum height of 4.5 meters. Falls are absorbed by landing mats fixed to the ground with a thickness of 40cm.

It is the most popular climbing activity as it is the most accessible for newbies and also presents many challenges for all. The friendliness between climbers that motivate and encourage each other encourages everyone to improve their skills.

No time to get bored !

This space has about 150 passages for all levels. It is divided into several areas and each of them offers various reliefs and movements from the discovery to the proffesional level. These reliefs and bouldering problems are weekly renewed for the greatest pleasure of regular users. No time to get bored!

A workout room

To reach certain goals, the training room is the necessary step to increase your strength and resilience. We have set up a specific area for physical exercices with rings, bars, Güllich campus board, various suspension beams and a moonboard. In the same place, there is a zone dedicated to yoga and soft gymnastics, equipped with mats.

An area dedicated to children (4-12 years)

Children enjoy climbing as a natural and innate activity. To fulfill this interest, we have set up areas where they can come and have fun in complete safety, suitable for children from 4 years old. Climbing helps mobilize the body’s muscles by working on balance and coordination of movements as well as developing emotional management and self-confidence.

For the very little ones

The “cave” area is for toddlers from 2 years old.

The two children’s block areas are connected by a tunnel. From each of these areas, children can enter a labyrinth with galleries behind the structure so that they can sneak in.

The children move around in this area under the supervision of their parent or guardian.

Courses all year long

A safe climbing practice requires an appropriate instruction. In order to reduce the risks as much as possible, it is essential to know the equipment and master the technical gestures related to its use. Last but not least, knowing the risks and the mistakes to be avoided allows you to extend your knowledge and develop your awareness of the danger. This is why we strongly recommend our customers to follow a formation for a safe practice.

We offer several types of courses depending on the level and age of the participants. The quality of the courses is assured by our team of qualified instructors. You can choose regular group lessons or private lessons on request. During the summer season, we also organize outdoor climbing lessons.

Our entire range of courses available and contact below.
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That's not all ...

Our reception area offer a wide range of drinks and snacks.

We have a boutique in partnership with Look Montagne where you can find all the basic climbing equipment.

Our changing rooms are equipped with individual showers and lockers to store your belongings.

During the summer months, enjoy our outdoor space with an outdoor boulder, swings and petanque game!

Cautionary statement

Climbing is a sport which is accessible to most people. It can be practiced alone, with friends or family. If you don’t have any experience and want to try this activity, we have 3 bouldering areas for children and adults as well as 10 self-belayers to get some height. To enjoy these facilities, you don’t need any previous training, only curiosity and motivation are required! Ask the reception for a free and short instruction on how to use the self-belayers safely and enjoy.

For those who want to climb on the other areas of the hall, more specifically at the lead or top ropes areas. It is essential to master all the safety techniques inherent to the activity (voir the 10 rules of climbing. We have a wide range of courses to satisfy your needs. The reception staff is at your disposal to assist you.

You will find more details in the brochure”Grimper en sécurité”.

Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by their parents at all times.